The October 2020 Caribbean Cruise (Pre-Book)

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  • The October 2020 Caribbean Cruise (Pre-Book)
  • The October 2020 Caribbean Cruise (Pre-Book)
  • Eurodam
  • October 25, 2020 - November 1, 2020

Prebook the #35 October 25-November 1, 2020

Southern Caribbean Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise!

By placing your $500 PER CABIN (not per person), fully refundable, prebook deposit you will be holding a spot in line to select a stateroom once the final announcement has been made (expected in December 2019). 

Additional passengers will be added once you select your stateroom - not at this time.



Please read through each group to fully understand group placement

Those who prebook will be placed in a cabin selection group based on the following criteria:


Charter Cruisers: Charter cruisers are those who have sailed at least once per year since 2002.


Group 1A: Those who sail on BOTH the February 2019 cruise and October 2019 cruises.


Group 1: Those who sail on the February 2019 cruise or the October 2019 cruise - OR - Cruisers who have previously sailed on a total of 10 or more cruises regardless of cruise dates. Passengers placed into group 1 will be broken down into subgroups by their total number of past cruises.


Group 2: Those who did not sail on the February 2019 cruise, will not sail on the October 2019 cruise or have not sailed on a total of at least 10 LRBC cruises. Passengers placed into group 2 will be broken down into date and time order in which your prebook deposit was received.



Both parties deposits and cabin selections must be made over the phone. Unfortunately, no part of either reservation will be able to be handled online due to the restrictions of our reservation system.

If you will be placing a deposit for someone other than yourself, please call our office at 816.753.7979 and we will be happy to assist you over the phone.


Please Note:

Only one $500, fully refundable deposit will placed per CABIN. The person who places the deposit will be the only contact for the reservation. Prebooks deposits are non-transferrable. The person who has placed the deposit will be the only person with access to the reservation to select the stateroom. Multiple reservations cannot be made under the same name. Additional bookings under the same name will automatically be cancelled and refunded.

If you have already created an account and are returning to make a payment or to review your reservation information, please enter your user name and password to logon.

If you made your reservation over the phone or have forgotten your user name or password, please click "View Your Account" below, then "Forgot your User Name or Password?" and temporary login info will be emailed to you.

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